About HKSI

The Hong Kong Society of Illustrators (HKSI) was founded in 1999 with the aim of promoting the professional stature of illustrators as well as fostering creativity in Hong Kong. We boost our professional image through exhibitions, competitions, lectures, seminars, and promotion. HKSI is the largest organization of professional illustrators in Hong Kong with 70 professional members, about 130 associate members, and student members, which total more than 200. Our members offer a wide variety of creative and illustration services in the creative industry.

Since 1999, HKSI has run over 100 local and oversea events, including 'i.misson' which participated in 'ICON4 2005' in San Francisco and the 'Greater China Illustration Awards' in 2009.

Board of Committee       2023 - 2025

Chairman                                Au-Yeung Chun Hay
Vice Chairman.                      Gabriel Li
Vice Chairman.                      Milk Tsang
Hon. Secretary            Leung Ka Pik
Hon. Treasurer            Helren Mak
Committee Members             Kiki Cheng, Kian Cheung, Tse Ka Yee, Lok Kwan,  Paperskin Chan , Lai Shan,  Yan Wong, Oh Mankee 


Contact: info@illustrator.org.hk

HKSI acts a platform for illustrators to share their experiences. HKSI is NOT responsible for any commercial decisions between our members & their clients. For any possible business opportunities, please contact individual member directly.