Membership Recruitment - Now Open

The Hong Kong Society of Illustration is a professional organization. We welcome professional illustrators, professionals engaging in illustrator-related industries, institutions, and illustrator students to join our family. The Hong Kong Illustrators Association is committed to uniting the industry by participating in the promotion of Hong Kong's illustrations.

Judging Criteria: All entries will be selected in accordance with the "experience", "skills", "creativity," and "personal style" of the applications.

Open for registration November 2024


Members' interests:

  • Members can set up their personal page on our HKSI website and freely update their profiles, links, and work uploads. We will provide a clear interface and classification index so that the public can easily browse your page.
  • We promote our members to potential customers through websites, seminars, exhibitions, and other events, as well as social media such as Facebook.
  • Members will regularly receive information on different illustrations, competitions, seminars, and interviews.
  • We will let our members get involved in a variety of activities and functions, cooperating with different customers and organizations. Thus, we are helping our customers find the right illustrators for co-operation
  • HKSI Electronic membership card can enjoy discounts at designated art shops.
  • HKSI is the only illustrator association in Hong Kong. By becoming a Full or Associated member, you can benefit by the title for self-promotion and increase popularity
  • Become a member of the Hong Kong Illustrator Association, which will have a direct impact on the development of the illustrations industry

* For student members, a single page listing members’ information will be provided on our HKSI website instead of a personal page.