Associate Member

Cindy Yuen

Cindy graduated from University of the Arts London, and is now working as a graphic designer. She loved watching wrestling on TV while studying for her O-level exams, and the strange costumes worn by the wrestlers become the starting point of her cartoon character Mr. Banana Ben – his short and chubby appearance makes him look clumsy and weak, but he always stays focus moving towards his goals. Cindy created the brand “Banakoland” in 2012 with Mr. Banana Ben and Miss Tomato Vicky as the main characters, and started a series of comic strips. The brand first appeared in “Cross Matching Showcase” and at “Hong Kong International Licensing Show” in 2013, while the Banako Studio was established in 2014. Cindy’s goal is creating outstanding works and bringing smiles to her audience.


Mar 2012  Participated in The Dreamer Illustration Show at Youth Square 
Mar 2012 Exhibited at Cross Matching Showcase
Dec 2012 Showcase at Inno Design Tech Expo
Jan 2013 Showcase at Hong Kong International Licensing Show
Jul 2014 Established Banako Studio