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Angela Ho - Dark Fantasy

Angela is not only a full time graphic designer based in Hong Kong but also a free-lance illustrator/vector artist. While she  studied Art & Design in the University of Alberta. In Canada, she met lots of  artists from different countries. By mingling with different people in a multi-cultural environment, Angela not only broadened her social network but also gained a lot of inspirations in developing her artworks. In 2012, she joined "The Hong Kong Society of Illustrator" and continued to pursue her creative career in Hong Kong.

In 2013, Angela was invited by RTHK to create SOHA character and a 4-pictures sequence comic. Through her artworks, her audience could appreciate a mysterious, fairy tale setting and the "mood of darkness" that are created by watercolour, pencil and color pencils. You can also discover different characters created by Angela in different scenes. Angela would love to bring life to those characters such that they can tell their stories from different chapters. In fact, she would also like to bring her audience to the Dark Fantasy World.



Each art piece created by Angela not only represents a visual expression of her creative mind but also a story tells a story. Apart from continuing to develop her Dark Fantasy artwork collection, Angela is planning to organise her own solo exhibition in the near future. She is looking forward to bring everyone into her Dark Fantasy World.