Professional Member

Teresa MoSa

Hello, I am Mosa, a youth member of the Hong Kong Innovative Entrepreneur Association.  I have more than 10 years experience working in the animation production and games pre-production.  I have taken part in the Fine-art design and pre-production for two classic adventure and hidden object games – “Dark Parables” and “Enchantia”.  I also provided services to the Alpha Animation And Culture Co. Ltd., and participated in the Fine-art design production and quality control management for the Animated Movie Series of “Balala The Faries”.  At an earlier stage, I have participated in the post-production for a number of Hong Kong movies such as “The Secret of the Magic Gourd”; “The Promise”; and “The Fantastic Water Babes”.  I have mainly responsible for the 3D Modeling, Painting Production and Special Effects. 

My idea of the creation has its origin from many materials such as tarot cards, magic and soul. That includes the lazy Lilith magic handbook which is mainly based on the tarot, tree of life and magic fine works. Also the Crazy Lilith portal series which is mainly based on the myths from the theme of destiny.